WGCM is dedicated to reviewing and promoting the development of coupled climate and Earth system models. This includes organising model intercomparisons and using both instrumental records and paleoclimatic data for model validation and diagnosis of deficiencies. The group promotes coordinated experiments with coupled models to understand natural climate variability on decadal to centennial time scales and its predictability, and to predict and understand past and future responses of the climate system to changes in natural and anthropogenic forcing. They also promote the development of appropriate data assimilation procedures for these models and address issues related to their initialisation.

In addition, the group undertakes other modelling activities in support of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and its core projects as requested by the Joint Scientific Committee (JSC). They advise the WCRP core projects and the JSC on progress in the development and use of global coupled models and coordinate modelling activities within the WCRP. They also liaise with various groups such as the Working Group on Subseasonal to Interdecadal Predictions, the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation, CORDEX, Future Earth, and others through the WCRP Modeling Advisory Council. They also work with the WCRP Data Advisory Council to assess the adequacy of observing systems for model assessment and validation, and liaise with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as appropriate.

Current activities: