On-going Activities

The MJO SST sensitivity Model Intercomparison Project (MSMIP)

Website: msmip.colostate.edu
Contact: Charlotte DeMott

Model Uncertainty — Model Intercomparison Project (MUMIP)

Website: https://mumip.web.ox.ac.uk/
MUMIP protocol and video explanation


Contacts: Hannah Christensen, Nils Wedi

Ocean initialisation Project

A scoping meeting on coupled model initialisation, February 1, 2021

Contact: Tim Graham

WGNE Exercise: Evaluating Aerosols Impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction

WGNE-S2S-GAW-Aer protocol 


Contact: Ariane Frassoni

The Surface Flux Intercomparison project

WGNE Surface Flux Intercomparison Protocol (Phase 1) 


Global model comparison: DIMOSIC Different models –same initial conditions

Presentation on the project status (WGNE36, November 2021)

Contacts: Ron Mctaggart-Cowan

The Drag Project

Contacts: Ayrton Zadra

The MJO Task Force

Model evaluation

WGNE Systematic Error Survey Results Summary (Febr 2019) 

High performance computing (HPC) readiness and the road to Exascale (2020)

South American Regional Model Verification Pilot project: Enhancing the assessment of regional forecasts to contribute to the EW4All initiative

Start: 01/2024


Contacts: Ramon De Elia and Nils Wedi

Other Activities and Projects

csm_PPP_Logo_new2_68f64f767c.png S2s.jpg wwrp_big_icon_impact_001.jpg JWGFVR-logo-120.jpg
Polar Prediction project  (PPP) Subseasonal-to- Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S) High Impact Weather Project (HIWeather) Joint Working Group on  Forecast Verification Research
wwrp_nav_pdef_003.jpg DAOS_small_icon_011.jpg nowcasting_mesoscale_000.jpg wgtmr_logo_small-1.jpg
The working group for Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting  (PDEF) The working group on Data Assimilation & Observing Systems (DAOS) Nowcasting and Mesoscale Research Working Group  (NMR)  The working group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR)
SPARC-Logo.png CMIP_Logo_RGB_Positive.png glasslogo-e1552482957109.gif GASS_logo-300x82.png
Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC) WCRP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) GEWEX Global Land/Atmosphere System Study Panel  (GLASS) GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Study Panel  (GASS)