If you are eager to share your expertise with leading researchers and get the chance to contribute to shaping new initiatives and collaborate with new colleagues, send us your application.

The Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) seeks global experts who are vested in enhancing the emerging capacities of operational meteorological centers and services. Providing continuous updates, reference benchmarks, and sharing of modelling progress, process-oriented verification and prediction skill from all major modelling centres worldwide facilitates a review of progress in addressing systematic errors in weather and climate models. The Working Group invites all applicants to contribute their experience and insights on Earth system modelling activities that relate to one or more of the topics addressed by the Working Group.

The initial length of term is 4 years with the possibility to renew it twice, each time for an additional two years.

The position offers a great opportunity to contribute to the advancement of numerical experimentation activities within WCRP and beyond, and collaborate with world-leading experts in the field of Earth system modelling.

Apply by June 3, 2024 by sending your application document at ipo@wcrp-esmo.org

More information and details on the position can be found in the open call text.