ESMO: bridging climate modelling and observations communities

ESMO coordinates, advances, and facilitates all modelling, data assimilation and observational activities within WCRP, working jointly with all other WCRP projects. Our mission is to facilitate the integration and coordination of climate modeling and observational efforts, fostering collaboration among scientists, stakeholders and decision makers. Through collaborative approaches and interdisciplinary partnerships, we aim to enhance the accuracy, reliability, and accessibility of climate data and projections.

Working Groups

The three modelling and prediction groups below will develop their activities to contribute to ESMO’s science plan and develop the various components of modelling in WCRP

Our Objectives

The ESMO activities focus on three key scientific goals that will shape and unify climate science efforts over the coming decade. These objectives address critical gaps in our ability to monitor, predict, and forecast the climate across different timeframes and spatial scales, from daily to century-long trends and from local to global perspectives.

The ESMO Team

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